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A Wellness Recovery Action Planning Support Group in Washington, DC
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Advanced Level Training

The Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator training is all about how to train and prepare WRAP® Facilitators. It is a workshop for experienced facilitators with an in-depth knowledge and thorough mastery of both WRAP and facilitation skills. Certified Advanced Level WRAP Facilitators go out into their communities knowing that they possess the skills and knowledge to train others to do this work faithfully and in a manner that is consistent with the work of Mary Ellen Copeland. The five-day intensive workshop covers all the skills and values and ethics needed to offer WRAP® Facilitator trainings. 

The training is run by a select group of Copeland Center facilitators who are very experienced in training WRAP Facilitators, facilitating groups and who incorporate the Center’s current findings and effective facilitation approaches through partnership with the executive director and Mary Ellen Copeland. The workshop requires successful completion of a number of practicum exercises and a knowledge assessment.  Completion of the course is not a guarantee of becoming an Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator. The Copeland Center staff will provide specific feedback and work with participants until they are prepared


In the Sprit of Mentorship the Advanced Level WRAP Facilitators of WRAP of DC offer a 'Advance Level WRAP Training - Preparation' on-line workshop if you are interested please just....