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A Wellness Recovery Action Planning Support Group in Washington, DC
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Needs and Problems
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Project Goals:


To teach and help consumers learn how to develop their own WRAP and crisis plans.  To teach them how to develop coping skill that will help them deal with the symptoms of their illness.  These classes will help prevent repeated hospitalization due to crisis.


Short-term Goals:

·         To develop their own wellness and crisis plan

·         To develop coping skills

·         To develop an action plan that will help them maintain their overall wellness and recovery

·         To learn how to use the WRAP plan on a daily basis

·         To recognized their symptoms

·         To avoid relapses and repeated hospitalization


Long-term Goals:

·         To be able to use the WRAP plan when they are not feeling well

·         To recognize when it is time to update/change their WRAP and crisis plan to reflect  changes in their life

·         To use it to help them function and cope better with symptoms of their illness

·         To recognizes symptoms and use their action plan to prevent and avoid crisis or relapse

·         To use it daily to maintain their overall wellness

·         To participate in Seminar II and become a WRAP Facilitator