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A Wellness Recovery Action Planning Support Group in Washington, DC
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Personal Responsibility
MHR Key Recovery Concepts
By Sharon D.Wise, MHS

Years ago I worked for a bakery for $5.50 an hour here in Washington, D.C. I called that job a "humility" job. I was fresh out of the state hospital for the third time and simply needed some form of employment to keep me busy when I wasn't at my day-program.


I remember my supervisor, Mrs. R., trying to teach me how to bake brownies and kept saying, "There are several key ingredients to making my home made brownies that everyone loves". I really didn't understand the significant of this important message until I had to bake her brownies one day she did not come to work.


The next day when she returned to the bakery some of the customers were asking her about "my version" of her brownies. She smiled at me and asked if I had used her recipe and if I included the 'key" ingredients that made her brownies prize winners. I had to be honest and tell her that I tried to save her some money by using generic sugar, half the necessary eggs, and powdered milk.


The moral of this story is that there are key things or shall I say "KEY CONCEPTS" that can make our lives so much easier. Mary Ellen Copeland call these things the "Five Key Concepts".


I will never skimp on those things that I believe can make my life wholesome and healthy. Within my WRAP, I know that the Five Key Concepts are designed to empower me and keep me focused.

These are the Five Key Concepts:
Sharon in Portland, Oregon

I am so much happier, healthier and successful because I incorporate the Five Key Concepts that Mary Ellen Copeland suggest as apart of my Wellness Recovery Action Plan. For more information about the Copeland Center log onto:
Do You Have A Circle of Support?

What is it? A circle of support is a circle of family, friends, providers, doctors, therapist and others who provide you with support if you need or want it. Your circle of support can be as wide or as small as you like. The smaller the circle within the larger sphere the closer that person, place or thing is your heart.