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A Wellness Recovery Action Planning Support Group in Washington, DC
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General Description:


This project is to teach consumers, Peer Specialist, DBH staff, and others about WellnessRecovery Action Plan (WRAP).   WRAP classes will teach them how to deal with their illness in a positive way.  This class will enable them to work on their own wellness and crisis plan, which will help them become aware of symptoms of their illness to prevent crisis intervention or repeated hospital visit.


The WRAP classes will help them learn how to prepare a wellness toolbox, learn about what goes into a daily maintenance plan, what causes triggers, how to watch out for warning signs and signs of breaking down and how to prepare a crisis plan.  These classes will enable them to work on their own wellness plan and learn ways they can deal with their stress.  They will learn how to deal with people, places, and symptoms that brings on stress.


They will learn how to deal with the symptoms of their illness and write a plan/s that will help them overcome stress.  They will work on putting together a wellness toolbox, a daily maintenance plan, how to recognize triggers, warning signs, signs of things breaking down as well as preparing a crisis plan.  The participant will learn how to turn negative thoughts into positive ones and much more.  These classes will help them focus on what to do when feeling well and what to do when they are not feeling well.


This project will help educated, and empower consumers to become, self-sufficient and self-reliant.  The WRAP classes will also help build their self-esteem, motivation and build their confident while learning to maintain their overall wellness and recovery.


Propose of Project:


To teach consumers about WRAP and the benefits it can offer them with their recovery.  To help consumers deal with their illness in a positive way.  This class will teach them how to work on their wellness and crisis plan.  It will help them learn to be responsible for their actions and overall wellness and recovery plan.  The WRAP Plan is an individual plan and each one will work on his or her own plan based on what they feel is important to them. They will learn from hearing, participating, and sharing throughout the classes.   They will learn how to cope with all types of situations that they may encounter while dealing with symptoms of their illness.  They will learn to use their own individualize WRAP plan to maintain their overall wellness and recovery.