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A Wellness Recovery Action Planning Support Group in Washington, DC
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We are a group of trained and Certified Mental Health Recovery Educator/Facilitator’s, * living here in the District of Columbia who are qualified to train and assist individuals and/or groups in how to develop and use a WRAP plan.  We are peers with lived experiences and have used the WRAP plan to help with our recovery.


Our Method is the SAMHSA Evidence Based Practice of WRAP

Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) A Symptoms Monitoring and Response System

Through careful observation you will learn: the things you need to do every day to keep yourself well, external events that may trigger an increase in symptoms, early warning signs of an impending episode, and symptoms that indicate you are in trouble. With this knowledge, and by using the tools listed here, and others you have discovered for yourself, you will be able to develop a symptoms monitoring and response system (Wellness Recovery Action Plan™) that will help you keep your moods stabilized.


This system would include listings of:


       Things you need to do every day to keep yourself well, such as eating three healthy meals and getting a half-hour of exercise


       External events that could trigger symptoms, such as an argument with a friend or getting a big bill, and responses that might keep this event from causing or worsening symptoms


       Early warning signs - such as irritability or anxiety - that indicate your symptoms may be worsening, and a response plan


       Symptoms that indicate the situation is getting much worse, such as reckless behavior or isolation, and an action plan to stabilize the situation