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A Wellness Recovery Action Planning Support Group in Washington, DC
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Mission:  WRAP and Recovery Books was established by Dr. Mary Ellen Copeland to develop, distribute, and make available to everyone, the recovery and wellness skills and strategies, including the Wellness Recovery Action Plan, that she discovered through her research.


Goals:  The goals of Mental Health Recovery and Wrap are to teach participants recovery and self-management skills and strategies:

  • promote higher levels of wellness, stability and quality of life

  • decrease the need for costly, invasive therapies

  • decrease the incidence of serious mental health challenges

  • decrease traumatic life events

  • increase understanding of these mental health challenges and decrease stigma

  • raise participants' level of hope and encourage actively working toward wellness

  • increase participants' sense of personal responsibility and empowerment

Objectives:  The following topics are covered using a workshop style, including presentations, demonstrations, interactive discussion, and related activities:

  • hope, personal responsibility, education, self-advocacy, and support

  • accessing good health care and managing medications

  • self-monitoring using WRAP: A Wellness Recovery Action Plan (an individualized system for monitoring and responding to symptoms to achieve the highest possible levels of wellness)

  • wellness tools, include finding and keeping a strong support system, peer counseling, focusing, relaxation exercises, diet, light, exercise, sleep, journaling, music, etc.

  • dealing with the effects of trauma

  • suicide prevention

  • building self-esteem

  • changing negative thought patterns to positive

  • building a lifestyle that promotes wellness