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A Wellness Recovery Action Planning Support Group in Washington, DC
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Major Depressive Episode and Treatment for Depression among Veterans Aged 21 to 39

Recent research indicates that an estimated 25 to 30 percent of the veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have reported symptoms of a mental disorder or cognitive condition. Untreated mental health problems can result in long-term negative consequences for the affected individuals, their families, their communities, and our Nation as a whole. Read more from the National Survey of Drug Use and Health.
DoD Develops Compensation & Benefits Handbook

Department of Defense (DoD) Develops Compensation and Benefits Handbook
The Compensation and Benefits Handbook is the one source of information that covers everything a seriously ill and injured service member will need during his or her recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration, including information on mental health treatment.

Sailors Unite for Suicide Prevention
The Navy rolled out a new Suicide Prevention poster series Dec. 2 that encourages Sailors in distress to reach out for help and encourages shipmates to look out for each other.

Air Force Suicide Prevention Program
Site designed to provide information and tools to members of the Air Force community (Suicide Prevention Program Managers, commanders, gatekeepers, IDS members, etc.) in their efforts to help reduce Air Force suicides.

U.S. Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine Suicide
U.S. Army suicide prevention materials.

Coast Guard Suicide Awareness Program
The Coast Guard Suicide Prevention Program provides training and response to suicidal behavior with an emphasis on awareness and prevention.

Marine Corps Community Services Suicide Prevention Program
Marine Corps suicide prevention resources.

Navy Suicide Prevention Program
The Navy's suicide prevention program and resources.

Additional Resources:

NAMI Veterans Resource Center

Add your tribute to the: Veterans Tribute Honor Roll

The Washington Post: Sexual Trauma Haunts Many Female Vets

USA Today: Post-traumatic stress is a war within the body, for the military and for civilians

CNN: Iraq vets and post-traumatic stress: No easy answers

Understanding PTSD and Recovery, NAMI's brochure on PTSD
NAMI has released a new 14-page brochure on posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), its treatment and recovery.

USA Today Article on PTSD
"Post-traumatic Stress Is a War Within the Body, for the Military and for Civilians"

CNN Coverage of PTSD on Iraqi Veterans
"Iraq vets and post-traumatic stress: No easy answers"

Joining Forces
Joining Forces initiative, a four-part series developed by HealthPartners in Minneapolis, in cooperation with the local public television station, and partnering with the AHA--to orient people in community hospitals to the kinds of challenges, medical, social and emotional, that veterans and their families face as the return home to their daily lives.

Newsweek Article from 10/28/2008
Newsweek Article: "15 Percent of Veterans Report Sexual Trauma to the VA"

10/29/2008 NY Times Article on Army / NIMH Study on Vet Suicides
NY Times article announcing a joint study to be conducted by the US Army and NIMH on the increase of veteran suicides.