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A Wellness Recovery Action Planning Support Group in Washington, DC
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Needs and Problems
Goals and Objectives
Procedures Scope of Work
Key Personnal
Next Steps
What Is WRAP Intro
WRAP Implementation
WRAP Curriculum
Working Committee

Understanding & Utilizing the Copyrighted WRAP Curriculum


The Way WRAP Works


I.        Implementation

a.  Starting and Maintaining A WRAP Program

                                 i.    3 key Educations Steps Getting A WRAP Program Started

                                ii.    3 Keys to Sustaining Quality Wellness Recovery Action Plan Program

                               iii.    SAMHSA's National Registry of Evidence Based Programs and Practices


II.        Fidelity

a.   Understanding and Upholding Standards of Fidelity

                                i.      Guidelines

                               ii.      Quality Control

                              iii.      Workshop Evaluations

                             iv.      WRAP Values & Ethics

                              v.      WRAP Fidelity Assessment Checklist


III.        WRAP Curriculum 

a.  Agenda, Goals, Slides, Act ivies,  Handouts and Discussions

        i.            Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) Instructions

       ii.            Seminar I:  Developing a Wellness Recovery Action Plan

      iii.            Seminar II: WRAP Facilitator Training

     iv.            Seminar III:  Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator Certification Training

       v.            Implementing Metal Health Evidence-Based Practices:  The Case of WRAP

     vi.            Mary Ellen Copeland and Relias Academy - e Learning

    vii.            CANVAS (LMS) - Learning Management System

  viii.            Power Point:

     ix.            Go To Meeting:

       x.            WRAP & Recovery Books:  Book Store

IV.        WRAP … Using Computers & Technology in the Digital Age

a.  PowerPoint

b.  GoTo Meeting

c.   CANVAS Learning Management System (LMS)

d.   Mary Ellen Copeland and Relias Academy - WRAP Online Course

e.   The WRAP® App