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A Wellness Recovery Action Planning Support Group in Washington, DC
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WRAP in the Digital Age

WRAP ... Using Computers & Technology in the Digital Age 

This workshop will discuss topics that are essential to maintaining the fidelity of WRAP when implementation is … Using Computers & Technology. Topics covered will include; preserving WRAP ethics and values in the digital environment, simple steps to moving WRAP training online, creating and sustaining on-line WRAP projects, strategies to bring WRAP to on-line communities including WRAP initiatives for the criminal justice system and on-line Wellness strategies to facilitate increased community connection. You can access & view the presentation on-line at …

Learning Objectives:

  • WRAP in the Digital Age

  • Digital Tools Available to Facilitators

  • Digital Tools that might help to Enhance Participants WRAP

  • Digital Tools that could be used to reach WRAP Consumers that are Shut-ins

  • WRAP for Life & Outreach to Veterans in the Digital Age

A Free On-line WRAP Workshop facilitated by WRAP of DC, just click on the link ... 'WRAP ... Using Computers & Technology in the Digital Age'