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Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA)

What is GPRA

The Government and Performance Results Act was enacted in 1993 to monitor and improve government performance. This act requires SAMSHA to collect data on federally funded programs.


The GPRA document is a tool that collects data on a client’s behavior and activities. This tool sets performance goals, as well as measures client outcomes and progress in the enrolled program.

Providers will use this document to survey clients.

When is GPRA Administered? 

Several programs utilize this tool; it is not limited to the State Opioid Response(SOR) initiative. For the DC SOR initiative, anyone who receives direct services must participate in GPRA.

GPRA intake/baseline interviews must be completed within two to five contacts after the client enters the program. It is best to complete GPRA as soon as possible, so efforts should begin within a few days of the client starting the program.

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