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Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP)

Shared Decision-Making and Decision Support Tools

People who use Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) make decisions about their lives, relationships, health care, and services on a regular basis. Some of these decisions are easy to make on your own, but others are more complicated or difficult. You can reduce your stress and make better choices if you use a step-by-step process to think through your situation and options.

There is a process called Shared Decision-Making (SDM) that is recommended by the Institute of Medicine as a way for people to partner with their physician or other healthcare provider in making important decisions about treatment and services. In this process, you and your provider share information and consider the options, but the final decisions about treatment, services, and supports are yours to make. 

Wellness Recovery Action Planning



Using WRAP & SDM

What is Right for Me?

How to Make Important Decisions in Everyday Life

Using WRAP & SDM

Supporting Choice

Helping Others Make Important Decisions

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