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Community Links Project: Reentry Moving Forward from Incarceration

Fact Sheet

Dreamers & Achievers Center Inc & WRAP of DC Facilitators are co-facilitating a ‘DC Community Links Project’. The ‘DC Community Links Project’ is aimed at Families and individuals involved in the Criminal Justice System. The Community Links Project will provide comprehensive WRAP Around services for Families and Individuals involved in the Criminal Justice System. Dreamers & Achievers Center Inc & WRAP of DC Facilitators will be utilizing SAMHSA recognized proven evidence based practices & program when providing WRAP Around services to their clients.

The Certified Peer Specialist, Recovery Coaches & WRAP Facilitators are all fully trained and experience in a variety of evidenced based programs & practices including:

I. Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) Seminar       Developing a Wellness Recovery Action Plan

a. WRAP for Reentry: Moving Forward from Incarceration

b. WRAP for Addictions

c. WRAP for Life

d. WRAP For The Effects of Trauma

e. WRAP for Veterans

f. Healing the Trauma of Abuse a women’s workbook

g. Family WRAP

h. Shaded Decision Making tools and aids

i. Worry  Control

j. Loneliness

II. WRAP Seminar II:  WRAP Facilitator Training

III. Community Links Pathways to Reconnection and           Recovery Program Implementation Training

IV. Anger Management for Substance Abuse and                 Mental Health Clients:

*Coping With Grief & Loss*

SAMHSA's Vision and Values for Serving Justice-involved Individuals

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