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Working Committee

Washington, DC now has an array of Certified Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) Facilitators. All of our Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) Groups, Seminars and Workshops are co-facilitated by Certified WRAP® Facilitators and/or Certified Advanced Level WRAP® Facilitators using the Copeland Center’s standards and agendas. Each of our Certified WRAP Facilitators are very familiar with Dr. Mary Ellen Copeland’s WRAP® Facilitator manuals and have learned how to use these manuals to facilitate WRAP workshops using techniques that support a core set of values and ethics. All of our Certified WRAP Facilitators & Advanced Level WRAP Facilitators has completed all prerequisites and can illustrate WRAP® through personal examples of using WRAP® in their life.

Our Working Committee will assist and support your organization with implementing WRAP.
Meet the Team


Dorothy Adams

Executive Director, Dreamers & Achievers Center Inc.
Certified WRAP Facilitator
Certified Peer Specialist


Miriam L Yarmolinsky



Gerard Thomas

Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator / Certified Peer Specialist

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